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By Paola Vallarino, IEP, IBCLC, CBS

As a breastfeeding specialist and mama, I want families to enjoy the beautiful journey of receiving a baby in their lives and that’s why my mission is to support, educate and empower them, so that they can have a happy journey and give their little one the best start.

what mamas say

Mother and Baby

Paola  is a great lactation consultant, she teaches you with patience and passion, without judging you, on the contrary for her it is very important that you feel comfortable and that you understand everything so that you have a beautiful experience when feeding your baby.

Edith M.

Newborn Baby with Mom

I hope Paola's work reaches many more moms so that they can live a full and happy breastfeeding like mine.

Valeria A.

I highly recommend

Dr. Paola, my baby did not have a good latch and I could not bear the pain anymore...

My dream was to be able to feed my daughter with exclusive breastfeeding.

I finally succeeded with the support of Pao... I can finally see breastfeeding as something wonderful.   

Pao was super attentive to my needs and very aware of our progress.

All the moms who are about to throw in the towel like me, reach out to her, you will not regret it.

Stephanie M.

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