Being a lactation consultant

Being a lactation consultant...

Is being a mother before being an expert,

Is "working" 24/7,

because with each mother you live each emotion,

you celebrate each achievement, and you suffer each bump in the road.

It is being an eternal student, because in science everything changes constantly,

And you owe all your patients the answer to every question,

The most up-to-date information.

It is learning more of what you live every day,

That of what you read in the books,

It's questioning everything, even yourself.

It is “leaving work” thinking about those moms and babies that you saw today, and yesterday, and the day before, and wondering how they're doing.

It is feeling defeated many times, thinking that there are many careers with less emotional workload,

and forget everything when you receive a message from a family that is happy and calm thanks to you.

It is being an activist, fighting against all the misinformation and myths, with all the social, cultural and academic barriers, with all those who threaten the physical and mental health of our patients 💛

Being a lactation consultant, is not an easy “job” at all, but it is an unavoidable vocation, it is doing what you love and calling it work, it is doing what you would do anyway even if it was not a profession.

Lucky me, for being able to do every day, what keeps me up at night ✨

👏 applause to all my colleagues, my patients and those who have supported to make this possible ☺️✨