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Breastfeeding on demand, your baby’s the boss!

Breastfeeding on demand, your baby is the boss! 👶🏻☝🏻.

Last post is my belly painted by my husband with the image of how we imagined our baby before birth. He is indeed in charge now! 😅.

One of the first questions we new moms ask ourselves is: How often should I breastfeed my baby? Every time he/she wants to, day and night, as long as he/she shows signs of hunger. You don't see the clock, you see the baby.

This was one of the aspects that affected me and my baby the most, please if your pediatrician/doctor sets you a breastfeeding schedule: Be careful👁 HE/SHE’S NOT UPDATED ON BREASTFEEDING! ❌.

What are the signs of hunger?.

😭 Crying is a late sign of hunger, the best is to feed the baby before this happens, since it will be much easier to breastfeed a calm baby rather than a crying baby.

🟢 Early signs: becoming more alert and active, put hands to mouth, turns head towards mom’s breast.

🟡 Intermediate signals: stretching, increases its movement and cooing/whimpering or making other little sounds.

🔴 Late signs: Cry and become tense / red.

☝🏻You do not have to switch the breast at any specific time, the baby will release the breast when he’s finished, then you offer him the other breast and if he wants it that’s ok and if not it’s ok too 🙂.

The worst of all myths is saying that crying is good for babies lungs. Please if your baby cries hold him and/or find out what’s wrong 🙏🏻.

⚠️Setting a breastfeeding schedule is associated with low weight gain and low milk production, since milk is produced on demand and by having strict schedules, demand is affected. .

❣️Only your baby knows when his stomach is empty so trust him and watch his signs, every baby is different.

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