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Why Exclusive Breastfeeding?

Did you know that if all children were breastfed, about 820,000 children's lives would be saved each year?

🌎 Globally, only 40% of infants under six months of age receive exclusive breast milk.

Why exclusive?

💧Maternal milk is a live food, which not only has all the necessary nutrients for babies from 0 to 6 months, but also has anti-infectious and bioactive components that protect it against infections, strengthen its immune system and promote digestion and absorption of nutrients.

👶🏻Your stomach at this age is very small (from 5ml in a newborn to 240 in a six-month-old baby, approximately), by introducing water or other foods such as formula or porridge, we are taking space out of breast milk and filling it with foods without these protective factors. Only in special situations of illness, other behaviors will be indicated by your doctor. Find a breastfeeding doctor and trust him / her.

☀️ It is proven that even in the hottest climates babies do not need water at this age, as they will receive all the hydration they need from breast milk.

‼ ️ WHO recommends:

✅Mothers start breastfeeding in the hour after delivery.

✅ That breastfeeding is exclusively maternal in the first 6 months of life.

✅Breastfeeding should continue until 2 years or more.

🤱🏻As simple as for 6 months to forget everything and just put the breast at the baby's command. Yes mom, that's all you need!

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