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Your baby can't sleep away from you?

Babies are meant to be close to their parents.

It’s normal & expected for them to sleep longer naps if you’re close.

Our new generation is full of expectations so we are supposed to get things done while they sleep (cooking, cleaning, working from home, working out...) but sometimes it takes more time to try to get away without them waking up than to actually nap with them... Yes, I've been there!

If you stay contact napping maybe you can:

✔️ listen to your favourite podcast

✔️ get some sleep!

✔️ slow down & relax

✔️ read a book / study / work from your cellphone

But maybe you’re already needing some me time and you would really like to get away when your baby’s napping… & that’s totally fine, I've also been there!

Sometimes it’s easier to let them fall asleep at the breast and get away after, rather than expecting them to fall asleep on their own (every baby is different and this will also vary depending on age)

Here are some tips in to transition from contact napping to naps away from you:

✔️ wait 10-15 minutes after he falls asleep (so that he’s in a deeper sleep) before trying to get away

✔️ transition from ON YOU to BESIDE you first

✔️ start the nap side-lying instead of holding them so that it’s easier to slide away

✔️ if nothing’s working try to get a nap in motion using the stroller or the baby carrier and go for a walk 🙂

I hope this helps!

You don't have to go through this alone, it takes a village! Right? Find yours! Click here to join our support group, you're not alone :) If you need individual support, I'm here for you! Click here to explore my services.

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