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Solids Consultation

Available Online

Baby-Led Weaning & Purees

Service Description

If you’re about to start solids with your little one this consultation is perfect for you! If you already introduced solids but you still have some many questions, we're here to help! You will learn how to start solids (including allergenic foods), how to balance your baby’s meals according to his age, as well as how to manage an emergency (choking or anaphylaxis). We will talk about: - Is your baby ready? Signs of readiness - Baby led weaning vs. purees vs. combination of the two - What do you need for starting - Mindful eating - What happens to breastfeeding and formula-feeding after starting solids? Includes: - Thorough intake form with birth and feeding history. - 1:1 consultation focused on your unique family. - A digital guide for reference. - Weekly planner, checklist with food groups, recommended products and more. This is a private consultation for every family member or caregiver to participate if they wish. The cost for the Solids Consultation is $129 USD. At checkout you can select to pay via PayPal or with any debit/credit card around the world. Let's give your little one the best start! Book a consultation by clicking in Book Now.

  • 1 hour 10 minutes
  • 129 U.S. dollars

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