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Baby Sleeping

sleep consulting

Do you need to sleep better?

Would you like to drop night feeds but don't know how to do it in a gentle way?

Would you like your baby to sleep better without needing to breastfeed every time he wakes up?

Would you like to go from co-sleeping to a crib? Or vice versa?

Yes It’s possible, and I am here to support you all the way!

We will assess your specific situation to determine the best plan for you. Before choosing the right plan for you, we will make a comprehensive assessment and rule out possible causes of frequent nighttime awakenings or sleep disorders.


Sleep consultations are offered in-clinic and virtually. Book an appointment today and let's work together!

what to expect in a sleep consultation



$190 + HST

4789 Yonge St, Suite #902,

Yonge & Sheppard, Toronto

Dr. Sarah Seaborn Clinic



$160 CAD + HST


$149 USD

For our patients outside of Canadayou can book an appointment and pay with any credit or debit card around the world and via PayPal. Please book an appointment here.

Our services might be covered by some private insurance companies. However, you will have to check your individual policy to determine your level of coverage

All services are provided in English and Spanish.

we're here to help

what other mamas say

"After spending a lot of time researching baby sleep consultants and feeling like none really matched my comfort level, I finally came across Paola's bio and immediately set up a call. We only talked for an hour but her advice/tips fully transformed our sleep experience in about 4 weeks. We went from having several wake-ups during the night (and feeling like it would never change) to fewer and fewer and finally having a baby that sleeps through the night. I was trilled and frankly surprised with the progress we made in such a short period of time. Everything we did was very gentle and comforting to our son's need too, which was very important to me. Paola is so wonderful to talk to, she's very knowledgeable in several areas including nutrition, lactation as well as sleep. Her advice and guidance greatly improved our life as new parents and I am very grateful. Thank you Paola!"

- Maura C.

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