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what mamas say

I have to tell everyone who reads me around here that Paola is first of all a wonderful human being, she is always ready to help you with a big smile. She is a great lactation consultant, she teaches you with patience and passion for the subject, without judging you, on the contrary for her it is very important that you feel comfortable and that you understand everything so that you have a beautiful experience when feeding your baby.
I am very grateful for everything you taught me Pao, without you the truth is that I was feeling very lost on the subject, now I feel that I have super important bases to achieve a successful breastfeeding and that if something gets stuck on the way, there you will be and everything will be solved.
I am no longer afraid, on the contrary, I am very excited and eager to meet my baby Evan and start that beautiful journey. Thank you very much Pao.


I am very grateful for the bonds of solidarity that motherhood gives. Especially for those friends who, without thinking about it, come to offer their support and affection, in my case, it was Paola who with great disposition continues to be my lactation consultant.
Thank you because from the first moment I shared the news of my pregnancy, I received advice and encouragement, for showing me both facets of your life, new mother and breastfeeding specialist, making each learning experience simple and experiential.
Thank you for the confidence that your words gave me, for teaching me that patience, persistence and the incomparable body-to-body connection with my baby are the best recipe for a happy breastfeeding, for reaffirming that trusting the female body in its infinite wisdom, it is capable of giving life and nurturing it.
I hope your work reaches many more moms so that they can live a joyful and happy breastfeeding like mine.


I highly recommend Paola, my baby did not have a good latch and I suffered a lot with breastfeeding, I had to supplement with formula on some occasions because I could not bear the pain anymore and I seriously considered feeding my daughter only with formula, but  my dream was to be able to exclusively breastfeed my daughter. And I'm finally doing it with Paola's support, I feel no pain when breastfeeding and all the cracks in my nipples are gone. I can finally see breastfeeding as something wonderful   

Paola was always following up and very aware of our progress.

All mamas who are about to throw in the towel like I was, reach out to her, you will not regret it.


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