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virtual clinic

If you...

  • are pregnant and planning to breastfeed, exclusively pump or combo feed

  • are adopting a baby and planning to breastfeed

  • experience pain while breastfeeding

  • have been told that your baby isn’t gaining weight as expected

  • are not sure if your baby's full after feedings

  • think your milk supply is low

  • see that you're baby is fussy at the breast

  • feel overwhelmed by breastfeeding or anxious about feeding your baby

  • notice unusual lumps or redness in your breast

  • suspect your baby has a tongue-tie or lip-tie

  • find it very hard to breastfeed your baby after introducing bottles

  • need help with weaning, returning to work or pumping

  • are about to start solids

  • have started solids but you are unsure if your baby's eating enough

  • think your toddler is a picky eater

  • are worried about your baby or toddler sleeping well

  • feel sleep deprived and would like to improve your family's sleep

  • have any questions or concerns about

    breastfeeding, feeding, infant sleep or solids


     ... we can help!

Let's work together on a happy journey for your family.

Explore our virtual services.

  • Get ready and give your breastfeeding journey the best start!

  • Postnatal online consultation. Breastfeeding, combo feeding, pumping, ...

  • We help families sleep better. From sleep hygiene to night weaning.

  • Maximize your pumping sessions after you learn how to pump effectively...

  • Baby-Led Weaning & Purees

  • Saying goodbye to your breastfeeding journey with the same love with w...

  • We're here to guide you all the way.

  • Your breastfeeding journey shouldn’t be a struggle, we’re here to help...

  • A complimentary call were we will talk about how we can work together.

we're here to help

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