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"I want families to enjoy the beautiful journey of receiving a baby in their lives and that’s why my mission is to support, educate and empower them, so that they can have a happy journey and give their little one the best start."



Here you will find reliable sources of evidence-based information and tools for your feeding / sleep journey.

Bodywork for babies.

Oral and body tension in babies can result in difficulties with feeding or sleep. Babies with oral or body tension/asymmetry (such as torticollis) might benefit from bodywork, which can be done with gentle massage or craniosacral therapy, by an infant chiropractor, craniosacral therapist, osteopath or massage therapist. Babies with tongue ties often need bodywork, this is particularly important before and after a tongue tie release. Please check the linked pages below. If you feel your baby might need bodywork, you suspect your baby has a tongue tie, and/or you're having difficulties with feeding your baby please reach out, we would love to help! You can contact us by clicking here.

Suck training:

Advanced breastfeeding care: Suck training

Baby Suck Training Exercises for Tongue Tie

Infant Suck Training Exercises

Suck Training Exercises for the older baby

Suck Training Exercises prior to Tongue Tie Release


Lactation Solutions of Princeton: Gentle massage and exercises for babies

Sleep Tongue Posture Hold

Facial and Intra-Oral Massage

♡ Paced bottle-feeding.

Peel Region: Paced bottle feeding

♡ Tongue ties.

How to examine a baby for a tongue-tie or lip-tie

How tongue ties affect breastfeeding

Frenectomy post-op care

Frenectomy post-op care 2

FAQ Tongue and Lip Tie

Tongue Tie Release: Laser VS Scissors

Videos en Español: Cómo examinar a tu bebé y cómo hacer los ejercicios:

Tongue Tie Examination and Stretches (Spanish) 

♡ Pumping.

Printable nipple ruler for flange fitting

How to use the silicone pump

Breast pump comparison chart

♡ Supplementation.

Supplementing at the breast

How to use a lactation aid at the breast

Safe preparation, storage and handling of powdered infant formula: guidelines

Infant Formula Preparation and Storage

♡ Domperidone.

Use of domperidone to support lactation

Canadian Breastfeeding Foundation - Domperidone

 Gentle Manual Therapeutic Techniques in Lactation


Breast Gymnastics


♡ Freebies


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♡ Providers.

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♡ Support.

Breastfeeding, bottle-feeding, pumping, relactation, weaning, solids, sleep... we're here to help!

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